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Дагестанский форум www.live-dag.ru » Жизнь сайта » Набор персонала » Набор модераторов.
Набор модераторов.
rebel8142Дата: Пятница, 16.11.2018, 13:32 | Сообщение # 121
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Рекомендую Вам посетить сайт, на котором есть много информации на интересующую Вас тему.
AntholcapДата: Пятница, 16.11.2018, 20:54 | Сообщение # 122
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п»їHow to bring a drop in libido?
At first, you have not noticed her absence but you notice that you are missing something ... But what? Your libido There are means to awaken it and above all to better understand why your desire is in a cape. Explanations:

?Calm down!
This descent or lack of desire to make love does not have to terrify you. It is normal and does not mean that you have taken a ticket with no return for 'Nosexland' (land without sex). It is often a small critical moment that reaches the vast majority of women and at fairly precise times of their existence. But be careful, it is important to treat it to get out of the vicious circle that could be installed. The ideal is to identify the origin of this small fallow to manage it better and to find suitable solutions.
A medical problem
There are physiological causes that can explain this drop in libido, so it is advisable that you visit your primary care physician to do a checkup, thanks to him you will discover an eventual health problem.
- An important hormonal derangement can make the libido fall. It is important to consult your doctor who will take a blood sample in order to identify and restore any disorder.
- The taking of the pill can also have an effect on the desire if the posology is not correct. In this case, your doctor may correct the dose or change your contraceptive.
- An allopathic treatment: some medications, such as antidepressants, tranquilizers or other medication treatments can explain this reluctance. Very often, its simple interruption, prescribed of course by a health professional, allows everything to return to normal.
- A depression: true illness, unfortunately often accompanied by a loss of desire, from any field. And especially sexual. It can be caused by emotional trauma or arriving alone, without an apparent cause. Do not let it be installed, it is important to tell your doctor quickly that will direct you to good contacts in order to establish a diagnosis and the implementation of a therapeutic follow-up.
Namely: the lowering of the libido is not only a consequence of depression but can also be one of its symptoms.
Psychological factors
- Fatigue, stress: these are two key elements that very often cause us small dislikes in our daily lives. The solution is simple: take things slowly. You have to be patient with this drop in libido and especially with yourself. You have to take care of yourself, relativize the origins of stress, pamper yourself and do not let yourself overflow. And above all, take away the guilt! The fact of not having desire makes us stress more and the horrible vicious circle starts. The best thing is to grant us a period of time and establish moments for the pampering and caresses that can revive our sexual desire. We leave the children with the grandparents, we escape a weekend with our partner, we disconnect from the outside world ...
- A shocking event: the loss of a job, the death of someone close to you, a transfer or a break in love ... there are many factors that make you feel as sexy as a broomstick. These emotional disorders are sufficient causes to disconcert us and cause the fall at full speed of your libido. Do not be afraid, even with this you learn to accept that this decrease in desire is part of the post-traumatic process. If you see that it lasts too long or if you feel that you can fall into a depressed state, do not hesitate and consult.
- The disturbances in the couple: if some find the screams and provocations exciting, for the majority of us, the conflictive situations cause that all desire for the other comes down.
Conflicts, arguments, disagreements or even the confession of a deceit end up damaging a relationship and the desire to approach physically. Luckily, most conflict phases are not eternal. Try to restore some calm between you and your partner, find pleasant moments to be quiet and try to reestablish the pleasure of being together. Without forgetting the advantages of the famous "reconciliation in bed" ... And who knows if your tensions came perhaps from this absence of intimacy among you?
Remember: if conflicts with your partner are serious and are too close, a magic barita can not solve everything. Think that maybe you can submit to a couple therapy.
- The bad image of oneself: a few kilos of more, a hair that stands out, a forced withdrawal from work and you will feel on the floor. A negative vision about oneself totally kills the desire to share moments of intimacy with a person who, nevertheless, does not perceive these small defects that paralyze you.
We recover! Balanced diet, sports, some shopping, hairdressing, beautician. We take care of ourselves with care and accept the compliments that they send us. Our self-esteem goes back up the slope and our libido takes the road again!
- Oblivion: the days, the weeks pass and, if there was nobody to remind you that everything is good and natural, you would not think about it more than from time to time. The absence of stimulus can silence desire. Hugs, caresses, mischievous readings, sending a little hot sms, anyway, move! Let the desire increase little by little.
How to handle this decrease in the couple?
Being honest. Do not invent false pretexts, that is useless and nobody will realize that you are lying. You will not get more than postpone the problem without solving it. Explain to your partner that it is not personal, that it is temporary or suggest how, according to you, it can help you get out of that situation. Ask him to be more stimulating, to return to that romanticism of the beginning. You can also ask him to be patient. But for mercy, stop playing the letter of the "migrana"! Not only does not anyone believe it but also, it has been shown that a good orgasm can make it disappear in a tris!
INSURANCEcicДата: Вторник, Вчера, 11:01 | Сообщение # 123
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Дагестанский форум www.live-dag.ru » Жизнь сайта » Набор персонала » Набор модераторов.
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